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  • If you have college-aged children, this will interest you...but definitely if you live in NJ. #enemiescloseparentscloser

    Dad Speaks Out After 21-Year-Old Sues Him to Pay College Tuition
    Caitlyn Ricci, 21, has been battling her parents over college tuition in court since August 2013. On Monday, a judge ruled that Michael Ricci and Maura McGarvey must pay $16,000 toward their daughter’s tuition for Temple University, where Caitlyn is a student. Earlier, another judge ruled the parent…

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    Speak the truth, rock your #NHV pride, and get your #gscia bumper stickers (s/o @[100001228065619:2048:Mitchell Young]) at Info New Haven at Chapel & College (and share & tag) — with John Ginnetti and 17 others.
  • Great morning! I couldn't help waking up this morning, smiling! God blessed me with another year & I'm so grateful. I truly appreciate YOU (you know who you are), who've helped make this past year so rewarding & unforgettable...in countless ways. Sincerely, I appreciate ALL the bday shouts/posts!!!
    Thanks to my Family (by blood & otherwise) for tolerating me & helping me grow as a man. I've had significant, hands-up, praiseworthy moments this year, but I'm also mindful of the challenging times because they've helped me recall all I have (over what's been lost), cherish those who have my back & to remain in constant thanksgiving over all that the Lord has brought me thru. I apologize to those with whom I've lost contact & haven't been the best friend...I'm committed to doing better, being better. I'm looking forward to this 41st year being one of breakthroughs, new beginnings, higher highs (leaving no smoke, yall...Ha!) & teachable lows.
    #RealFam: Looking forward to you taking this ride with your boy. Much Love.

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